Promescent Review: Topical Spray to Help Prevent Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a serious issue for men. Good thing there are now a lot of products in the market intended to help men who suffer from this condition. Among the best products is Promescent. But, is Promescent really effective? To find out, continue reading this review. Since it remains to get the attention of men who have ejaculation issues and even get recognition from medical experts, the product is certainly worth trying.

Who Needs Promescent?

Men who just started doing some exercises to help them last longer in bed could find this product really useful. This could provide the temporary improvement in their performance in bed while they are still waiting for the long-term effect of the exercises they do. A lot of us are aware that these exercises would take a long time before providing results. It is also right for those who simply wanted to make their partners happier in bed. Even those who have no ejaculation issues could use it. There are men who simply wanted to last longer than they used to.

Results of Using the Product

With using the right amount of dosage, it could help one last longer in sex. Many confirmed that they were able to last for about 10-15 minutes in bed. Usually, a man could last only for 4- 7 minutes in bed. These are for those who do not suffer from PE. The product does not cause too much numbing effect so you could still enjoy the sexual experience. The best thing is most of the people who have tried using the product did not experience any kind of side effects. There was no itchy feeling or hot feeling on the penis. Since it worked on a lot of men already, it could also work on you.

Why is the Product Effective?

To make sure the product works, apply it 10 minutes before you engage in a sexual activity. The spraying is directly applied on the penis. The strong ingredient in this product is Lidocaine. It is made into a mixture for it to reach the bottom part of the skin. Since it is a spray, you could easily change the dosage of using the product as necessary. The product is FDA approves so you don’t have to worry about suffering any kind of side effects.

So, is Promescent really effective? The answer is a big yes. This is not a guarantee that it would work on everyone for we have different body types. However, it is highly recommended that you give it a try. Visit for more reviews on all the different premature ejaculation treatments available.

Ideas on How to Enlarge Your Penis Naturally at Home

It is important for men to have the normal size of penis or better a larger one. Size does matter when it comes to manhood. Men with larger penis were found to have better sexual stamina. The size of the penis is also a factor when it comes to dealing with early ejaculation. Sexual drive is heightened on people with larger penis. This simply means that investing time and efforts to enlarge the penis is a smart move. Since most of the medical products online for penis enlargement could have side effects, it is ideal to know how to enlarge your penis naturally at home.

Eat Some Dark Chocolate

One of the best ways to improve sex drive is through eating dark chocolates. Go for those chocolates with low sugar and high on cacao. This food contains high ingredient of flavonol which boosts the blood flow towards the penis. It also helps the body function well due to its high level of antioxidants that cleans the blood. Make sure not to eat too much for it could result to weight gain and we all know that when you are overweight, the more your penis would look smaller.


Ginger is not only an excellent food for the immune system but it could also make penis erection stronger and longer. It does not only help in increasing the penis size, it also helps in burning extra fat. It is easier to make your penis bigger when the body is fit and in great condition.

Exercises for a Bigger Manhood

There are effective exercises that could significantly improve the size of your penis. There are some stretching exercises for the penis. This should be done in the morning when the penis is not erect. Do this a couple of times every day and this would naturally lengthen your penis. This is similar to masturbating but to it gently and the objective here is not to ejaculate but to strengthen the muscles in your penis. Experts suggest doing this stretching exercise for about 3-4 times a day and in a couple of months, there will definitely be a significant change.

It is very important to remember that in order for the penis to increase in size, it needs the right amount of blood. This is the reason why eating the right foods like the ones mentioned above and doing the right exercise could help. All of these steps on how to enlarge your penis naturally at home are definitely safe. Watch the following video to get more tips on how to increase the size of your penis:

Some Ideas on Ways to Increase Stamina in Bed for Men

Men who have troubles with their sexual stamina are really in a big trouble. This is because it determines the sexual performance of a man. If you wanted to please your partner, it is hard to do this when you have problems with sexual stamina. Good thing there are now a lot of ways to increase stamina in bed for men. These ways are also good when it comes to preventing the experience of premature ejaculation.

Make Sex Enjoyable with Foreplay

The main goal of men during sex is usually not to satisfy himself but instead to make his woman happy. This is done through making her reach orgasm. We are already aware that women do not easily experience orgasm with sexual intercourse alone. This is why doing some foreplay is very important. A sexual experience should include other enjoyable activities such as oral sex, manual stimulation and foreplay. If you have problems with lasting longer, you don’t have to stress yourself too much with lasting long. Try to implement more oral sex and touch for this will surely be appreciated by your partner.

Practice Masturbation

It is true that self-stimulation could help you a lot. For those who suffer from early ejaculation, using masturbation as a way to practice lasting longer is certainly a good idea. This is commonly done by men to improve their stamina. Of course, ensure that you have the right mind set in doing masturbation. Remind yourself that the objective is not to ejaculate quickly like what others are usually doing. Implement a stop and go method until your body becomes more used to stopping ejaculation. Regularly applying this method in your masturbation, will surely improve your performance in bed. This method is natural and pretty easy to do.

Utilize Some Lubrication

There are some researches which show that it could make a man last longer when they apply lubrication together with using condoms. This is why it is included in the ways to increase stamina in bed for men. Make sure to use silicon-based or the water based lubrications in order not to affect the efficiency of the condom. Try this on your next sexual experience and see if it works for you.

More Sexual Activity

The pleasure of sex is not lasting for about 30 minutes. Dragging sex too long just to reach a certain time will not make the experience pleasurable. More sex activities are needed in order to bring pleasure to a sexual experience. Make sure that you add some variety on the intercourse for it to become more pleasurable for both parties like adding more time on oral sex.

Permanently Cure Premature Ejaculation with Ejaculation Guru

There are men who are now doubtful when it comes to having sex for they observe how easy they ejaculate. It is totally an embarrassing experience and could affect a man’s self-confidence.
If you are single, avoiding sex is not a big problem. However, if you are in a relationship you are in a big dilemma. With this, cure premature ejaculation with Jack Grave’s Ejaculation Guru. This product is an eBook that will serve as your guide in gradually improving your performance in bed and eliminating premature ejaculation permanently. It is very important to cure this problem for it will definitely affect your life.

Ejaculation Guru: Provide Good Results

The author of this eBook made sure that everything in the product is useful and guarantees results. It is true that there is free information online about premature ejaculation but many of these are half-true. In this eBook, readers are assured that the contents are true and could lead you away from myths and misconceptions about the problem. The author simply aims to help men deal with their ejaculation issues first through proper education.

More About the Product

The Ejaculation Guru promises to help men last for about 20-30 minutes in bed. For men who could barely last for 2 minutes, this promise might be too good to be true. However, the product is pretty serious when it comes to achieving this goal and the program in it is really geared towards helping men last longer not only to satisfy them but also to help them please their partner.

There is definitely a good chance that this product could change your life. It also had helped a lot of men who are facing the same problem as you. It is true that lasting for about 15 minutes could make your lady happy and satisfied. However, if you could last for about 20-30 minutes, it could lead to multiple orgasm of your partner. This is why controlling ejaculation is pretty important.

Physical and Psychological Approach

The product is definitely a complete solution to premature ejaculation since it deals with the problem using these two approaches. People will be motivated to stay with the system offered in the product for it is easy to follow and you will experience quick results. Men who already have tried the product could now last for more than 20 minutes in bed and this made them really happy and grateful they found this product. Since it worked on them, it could work on your as well. Check the following link in order to have a better perspective on the Ejaculation Guru:

Ejaculation by Command: Methods and Techniques to Eliminate PE Problem

If you do a research online, there are various treatments and solutions presented for premature ejaculation. However, not all of these really work. One of the best options is to cure premature ejaculation with Lloyd Lester’s Ejaculation by Command. Before you think about trying pills and creams, better choose some natural options first. A natural way to cure PE problem is safe and more cost-efficient. The Ejaculation by Command is an eBook that will show you the ways to controlling your ejaculation and lasting longer in bed naturally. It aims to improve sex life of men.

Ejaculation by Command: A Wise Choice

The best thing about this product is it offers a complete solution to ejaculation issues. It deals with climax issues through different approaches making sure that all these could effectively help a man fight early ejaculation. Unlike taking pills or applying cream, the methods and techniques presented in the product offers a permanent solution. With this, you could be hopeful that one day, ejaculation issues will be gone for good.

More Information about Premature Ejaculation

The Ejaculation by Command contains complete information of everything about premature ejaculation. It simply shows how the author stresses the importance of knowing the problem better before even thinking about ways to deal with it. All the information found on the eBook could get rid of your misconceptions about this problem. It will tell you the truths about it so dealing with the problem is not that hard to accomplish.

Lots of Tips, Methods and Techniques

The main course of the eBook is various methods and techniques on how to hold your ejaculation longer. You will be doing some exercises to help the body get used to holding ejaculation and releasing it as desired. The more you perform and practice these techniques, the better it is for the body. We all know that the body could easily adapt to something, so when you train for controlling ejaculation, after a couple of days or weeks, your body would certainly get used to it.

Plus, the product also provides some tips on how to improve your skills in bed. With this, you don’t only prevent quick ejaculation but also could satisfy her better. It is not enough to go for more than 15 minutes in bed to satisfy your partner. There are some techniques to ensure that she will have the best time of her life. Know more about these tips when you purchase the product. Grab one now and be happy for the rest of your life.

Watch the following video for a look inside the Ejaculation by Command by Lloyd Lester:

Ejaculation Trainer: Permanent Solution to Premature Ejaculation

In order to have a wonderful sex life, men should last long in bed. This sounds pretty easy to some but to many, lasting for over 2 minutes is hard enough. Men who fail to last longer in bed have premature ejaculation issues. It is a smart move to cure premature ejaculation with Matt Gorden’s Ejaculation trainer. It is actually an eBook that contains important information about PE problem and its cure. The cure is in the form of various tips, methods and techniques to stop quick ejaculation and eliminate it completely. Prior to purchasing the product, it would be best to know about it first. Identify first where your investment is going.

Dealing with PE: Learning More About the Problem

The author of the Ejaculation Trainer is wise enough to start with providing information about the problem. It is easier for men to deal with a problem which they are familiar. For example, learning what practices lead to quick ejaculation could help a man know the things to avoid. With proper knowledge about this condition, men are more confident and efficient in dealing with the problem.

Mental Aspect

In this eBook, readers are given the idea on the relationship of the human mind to physical arousal. It means that the mind plays an important role on being able to deal with premature ejaculation for good. People who ejaculate quickly are often those who become too excited or anxious during sex. If you have troubles with lasting longer in sex, the more you think about it the more anxious you become and it results to unwanted ejaculation. The product will train men how to have the right mentality before and during sex.

Practical Means to Stop PE

The methods and techniques presented in the product could immediately be applied in real life. There is no need for you think hard for the instructions are provided easily and clearly. It aims to ensure that amidst sexual stimulation, men are still able to keep themselves from being too aroused. Since the methods are easy to follow, dealing with PE problem is not that hard to accomplish. All you have to do is regularly perform the needed practices and do not forget the tips mentioned in the product while having sex. In the long run, your body will get used to these practices and you could now last longer in bed without thinking about it too much.

If you have been bothered by premature ejaculation for a long time, now is the right time to try Ejaculation Trainer. Definitely, there will be no regret on your part.

Click on the following link to watch the following Youtube video for an inside view on the Ejaculation Trainer: